A decorative frame is something that you see a lot in old houses. This can look very nice in different styles and different rooms. This is why it is useful to choose a decorative frame for a room. Many people find this a great success. A decorative frame can bring a bare wall to life. This is, of course, what you are looking for if you think your wall is boring. 

What is a trim?

Now you'll probably be wondering what exactly a trim is. Fortunately, this is easy to explain. A decorative trim is a type of strip that has traditionally been used to decorate a wall or ceiling. Mouldings have different names. For example, they are also called decorative plinths, decorative bands or finishing strips. 

A trim is meant to create a nice transition between a wall and the ceiling. A decorative band ensures that a room can appear much larger than it actually is. This is of course very nice to see. 

Decorative moldings have primarily a decorative function. However, they are also used to hide various things. They are used to hide curtain rails, cables, cracks and irregularities in the wall. These look a lot better when they are properly finished. 

The advantages of a moulding

There are many advantages to using a decorative strip. A decorative trim is in fact a versatile strip that you can use for many different purposes. There are therefore many people who do this. 

Improve a space

A trim can enhance a space very well. Mouldings can give a room a refined look. If a wall looks bare, a decorative frame can brighten it up completely. This is, of course, very nice to see. Because it works this way, there are many people who make use of it. 

A decorative frame can improve a room mainly by making it look bigger. This is because a room looks much larger the moment a decorative frame is used here. 

Furthermore, you can use a decorative frame for many different things. For example, you can use it to cover up an ugly crack in the wall. If it is at the top and you place a decorative frame over it, you will not see anything of it anymore. This is of course ideal to use in this way. 

For example, you can also use a trim to hide the seam between the ceiling and the wall. This is something that does not look very nice. This is why a decorative frame can look much nicer than one without. Many people therefore opt for a decorative frame. 

Flexibly deployable

A decorative frame is very flexible to use. This is because they can be used with every different type of wall there is. There are also many different decorative frames available. This allows you to fit and measure it in the place where you want it. This is of course ideal if you do not know exactly how you want to have a decorative frame somewhere. 

Furthermore, a decorative frame is often a bit bendable. The moment a wall runs a little round, it can be very handy to use a decorative frame in this way. When you use it in this way, it can be bent and still be placed on that wall. 

Also, a trim is often very light. This means that it doesn't take that much to attach them. Also, when you attach them, it doesn't bother you that much. This is of course ideal if you sometimes find it difficult to attach things. 

Mouldings can be obtained in different sizes, widths and lengths. This means that for every different situation there is a possibility when it comes to a decorative frame. This is of course very convenient to use in this way. 

Another great advantage of a trim is that it can be painted over. A wall often needs a primer before it can be painted on. This is a very big disadvantage of having to paint a wall. However, this is not necessary with a decorative frame. This is a very big advantage.

If you want to give the wall a different color, you can also choose to take the decorative frame with you. That way you won't have any problems with it. That is, of course, what you are looking for. 

Can also be used outdoors

Sometimes outside you also have an ugly transition between a wall and the roof or a ceiling. For this reason it can also be useful to apply a decorative frame outside. Most decorative mouldings are in fact highly resistant to water. This ensures that they are also not affected by the wet climate that is often found outside. 

Wooden trim is less suitable for this. This is because it does have the potential to rot. If you plan to install a decorative frame outside or in a damp area such as the bathroom, it may be a good choice to opt for a plastic decorative frame instead of a wooden one. The advantage of this is that it often looks just as beautiful. 

Different types of mouldings

There are different types of decorative moldings that you can make use of. You can use different styles of moldings. For example, there are classic moldings, but you can also choose modern moldings. This is mainly a matter of what you yourself think looks best on the wall. 

A decorative frame wall is not just to be used for just the wall. In fact, they are often multifunctional. This means that you can also use them for other purposes than just placing them against the wall. This is of course very handy to be able to make use of. 

Thus, you can also use them for framing a painting and for doors. They are also available in different sizes and hardnesses. For every situation, therefore, you can find a decorative frame that you can use. This is of course very convenient to use in this way. 

Installing an ornamental frame

The moment you want to make use of a decorative frame, it can be a good idea to install it yourself. This is not too difficult to do. If you don't want to do this, you can always hire a company. However, this will cost a lot more money. Since it is so easy, you might as well do it yourself. 

Because moldings are so light, they are very easy to install. However, it is important to make sure in advance that you have a smooth, dry and dust-free surface for the moulding. It is also important to know the correct dimensions. 

A trim you need to cut into the right size first. The moment you have done that, you can make sure that you can start installing them. For this, you first need to have all the formats and to saw them properly. 

Once you have cut everything to the right size, you can choose to start placing it. You can do this by using sealant. There are special types of sealant for attaching a cornice. This is a special kind of glue that ensures that the moldings remain in place. 

The moment you have everything ready, you can start placing the trim. For this, it is best to first do markings for where it should come. 

Once you have done this, you can place the glue on this line to then attach the trim to this. This is quite easy. However, you must still take into account the corners. These should also look good. 

Here it is important that at the places where the markings cross you make a drawing on the trim. You can then saw this off at an angle. If you do this in this way, the cornices will fit together exactly when they are installed. This is of course what you want if you want to install a decorative frame in a beautiful way. 

Other uses for mouldings

There are also a number of alternative ways in which you can start using a decorative frame. For example, you can also choose to put a decorative frame in the wall. This ensures that you create a kind of relief in the wall. This, of course, looks very beautiful. There are many people who find this beautiful to use in their homes. 

A decorative frame that you place on the wall is actually called a style frame. Style moldings are a fun way to decorate the walls of your home. In many different styles, this can look very nice. Therefore, there are many people who choose to put this in their homes. 

A style frame allows you to separate the colors from the wall. In many old-fashioned furnishings, this is widely used. These are then interspersed with wallpaper. This provides a lot of relief and also looks very nice. 

If you find that you have beautiful wallpaper that you have done on the walls, it can then come out very nicely. This is because the style frames make sure that the wallpaper comes forward. Especially the colors and shapes that can be found in the wallpaper are then very nice to see. That is of course what you are looking for. 

You can also choose to hang art near the style frames for variety. This also gives a lot of variety. This can also come out very nicely. This is why there are many people who like to combine style frames with art. 

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