A laptop camera cover is used for the webcam. You want to cover this so that hackers can never see you. But you can also easily remove it again if you do want to use the webcam. Many people buy this because they are afraid of hackers. The technology to see and record people is emerging more and more. Also they often find a creative way to watch people. Besides that it is just not a nice feeling when the webcam is always visible. Some brands therefore hide the webcam in the keyboard. It is best to order a suitable version for yourself online. Also you can see what other people think of the product. Most websites also give an advice for which models it is suitable. Keep strictly to this advice.

What can you do with a laptop camera cover

With a laptop camera cover you can cover the webcam. There is more and more malware on the internet that you can get infected with. It is not a nice idea if you accidentally click on a wrong link that people can see you. That is why more and more people choose to use this cover. This ensures that people cannot see you unintentionally. And especially hackers don't need to see you. You just don't want to take any risks and that's what this invention is suitable for. It is for sale almost everywhere in the Netherlands. You can often find it at a computer store. But you can also buy it at shops in your neighborhood. There you will often find a universal model. Take your laptop with you to try it on. That way you can be sure you have the right one.

The benefits

One of the advantages of a laptop cover is that people cannot see you. You can call someone and still not be in the picture. Ideal for when you are sick at home. But you also protect yourself. Hackers can use malware to get into your computer. You can't always prevent this. That is why having such a cover is handy. If you are not using the laptop, you can put it on. In most cases it is quick and easy to apply. However, if you buy a universal one it usually does not fit exactly. In that case you have to check if and how it fits. You can always ask the store about this. Because you do not want the cover to slide off.

Where to buy a laptop camera cover?

A laptop camera cover can be found in many places in the Netherlands. Usually you can find it at your local computer shop. But also large department stores often sell them. Sometimes you can even find them at market stalls. But you can also order them on the internet. It is important that you always take the type number of the laptop with you. Or you can also describe the formate and the place of the webcam. This way you can find a suitable model which exactly fits your laptop. You can also choose to order it online. Here you will usually find reviews from other people. If they are satisfied, you know that it is good. This way you can make the right purchase. You can also find out what the price difference is. This way you can be sure that you never pay too much.

How does a laptop camera cover work?

The operation of a laptop camera cover is often simple. In most cases you can apply it directly to the laptop. When you have noted down the correct dimensions, it will fit exactly. However, there are also cheaper universal versions. You should always try these on your laptop to see if they fit. And of course you should also check how you can best place it. You do not want it to fall off. Because then it will be useless. On the internet you can find several examples of how to place it. You can also find instructions in the form of videos. These can be applied in a simple way. On some sites you can also chat with an employee. They can guide you step by step in installing the cover.


A laptop camera cover is useful for everyone. With such a cover you can protect yourself from recording images. Hackers can easily install malware on your computer. With this they not only take over your files, but they can also secretly film. You don't want those images to appear on the internet and they often blackmail you with it. For this reason, a cover is often placed over the webcam.

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