The Aloe vera plant can be bought at almost every garden centre. It is a houseplant that is easy to keep up. It does not need much maintenance. You only have to give it little water because it is a succulent. It likes to stand in the shade. You can keep it beautiful by wiping it with a cloth every now and then. That way, the leaves stay nice and green. A poor soil is suitable for this plant. The thickest leaf of this plant can grow up to 60 cm long.

How do you care for an aloe vera plant?

The Aloe vera plant needs very little water. This is because it stores the water in its leaves. This also gives it a beautiful and shiny appearance. You do need to wipe it down with a cloth every now and then. It will then shine again as before. The best temperature for this plant is between -2 and 10 degrees Celsius. When you put it in the sun you have to water it more often. He will use more water. It will grow a lot faster, so it's just what you want. In general it is recommended to place this plant half in the shadow.

The benefits

The Aloe vera plant is a succulent. This means that the plant requires little maintenance. It needs little water to survive. It is wise to give some water several times a week instead of a big load. This way the plant can absorb and enjoy it at its leisure. It is a plant that can enjoy sunlight. It is generally said that you should place this plant in semi-shade. But when you put it in the sun and give it some extra water, it will grow faster. Many people like to keep the plant small. Hence the shadow advice.

The lifespan of an aloe vera plant

The Aloe vera plant is one that can last a lifetime. Many studies have shown that this plant can live up to 100 years with the right care. It prefers a poor soil. So plant food is basically not necessary. If you are going to use it, go for maximum ¼ of the recommended amount. It likes sunlight. So in the summer you can put it outside on the table. It is a succulent so it does not require much maintenance. Give it a little water once or twice a week.

Health benefits of aloe vera plant

The Aloe vera plant is a popular plant. We drink a lot of drinks with it in them. But we also find it a nice product to use while showering. According to researchers it even seems to be able to lower the blood sugar with a good dose. It could also help against fungal infections. And it also has a positive effect on our intestines. So you could make many products from this plant.

Prescriptions aloe vera plant

For the Aloe vera plant you do not need much. The only thing this plant requires from you is a sunny spot. In the colder periods you could place this plant on your windowsill. But in the summer it will also do very well. You could take it outside with you. It only needs a little water once in a while. It is a succulent. And they have rather too much than too little water. So be careful with this. Always cut away the dead leaves. In time new leaves will appear. The middle leaf can grow up to 60 cm. If you have enough patience with the plant it can last a lifetime.

Why do people buy the aloe vera plant?

The Aloe vera plant is bought massively by people. It is a low-maintenance plant with a nice green color. If you have just watered the plant you will see that the moisture will go into the leaves. This gives the plant a nice shine. They also like to stand in the sun. This has a positive effect on the growth of these plants. You only have to water them once a week. Make sure to water more often in warmer weather. The use of plant nutrition is strongly discouraged. These plants prefer a soil as poor as possible.

What can you do with an aloe vera plant?

An Aloe vera plant always looks good on the table. In the summer you can even take it outside. This always creates a nice atmosphere at the table. The maintenance of this plant is low and that is why it is bought so frequently. There are many products in which Aloe vera is processed. You have those drinks that would provide a better functioning of the intestines. But they also reduce blood sugar levels according to recent studies. You also have a lot of shower gels that contain it. It would possibly have an antibacterial effect and can work against fungi.


The Aloe vera plant lasts a lifetime. There are several studies that have shown that these plants can live up to 100 years. In addition, they also provide a little green in the house. Especially for people who do not have green fingers, this plant is very suitable. This is because it only needs water 1 or 2 times a week. This plant prefers a poor soil so watering it a little later should not matter much. Just make sure that you do this sufficiently in the summer days. It likes a sunny spot. So preferably place it in front of the window or on the windowsill. The middle leaf can grow up to 60 cm.

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